5 Smart Customer Engagement Solutions For SaaS Companies

5 min readAug 22, 2022


Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

By 2022, the SaaS industry will be worth over $165 billion. The market is becoming more competitive as a result of its expansion. Two years ago, the methods and tactics that worked were no longer effective. Even if your SaaS product is one-of-a-kind, you may expect several rivals to release similar features shortly. So, what are the best practices for acquiring new clients and keeping them happy?

For a SaaS company, what is the critical ingredient? The answer lies in the level of involvement of the user. Your clients will have a better experience if you increase user engagement with your SaaS solution. In fact, according to Salesforce, 80% of consumers believe that the knowledge given by any firm is just as good as the product itself.

As a result, you’ll notice an improvement in client retention and happiness via enhancing user engagement. There is a lot of value in this post for SaaS product owners seeking sure-fire techniques to increase user engagement.

1. First impressions are essential, so make the best one possible.

To increase your trial-to-pay conversions, you must optimize your onboarding process. As a result of poor onboarding experiences, customers will eventually leave your brand. You’ll get the most out of your users at this phase of the onboarding process.

As a result, you should take advantage of this to get them interested in your goods. Increasing user engagement throughout a customer’s journey is more superficial when they perform regular activities and interact with your interests.

User comprehension of your goods’ value proposition is critical for increasing trial-to-pay conversions. SaaS client engagement may be improved from the outset by explaining how your solution can assist customers to reaching their objectives.

Users are more likely to interact with your product if they have a deeper understanding of it. An initial misunderstanding about how to utilise your product might deter customers from using it. SaaS product walkthroughs are the most effective technique to pique the curiosity of potential customers.

Throughout the onboarding process, communicate with your consumers through email, live chat, and co-browsing sessions. Take the lead in your conversation. Start discussions, ask for input, and respond to questions before anybody else.

You’ll be able to nurture your customers from the beginning of their trip this way. As a result, customers will be more committed to your product throughout the whole process.

2. Collecting Customer Feedback Is Essential.

The level of customer satisfaction with your product has a direct impact on how engaged your consumers are. As a result, you must be aware of how your consumers perceive your items. Are your consumers happy with the characteristics of your product? Is there anything that they haven’t found? What do they think about the product?

  • Obtain feedback from customers at as many points of contact as possible. Your customers may interact with you via live chats, automated chatbots, emails, or surveys, among other options.
  • Take a proactive stance while approaching the situation. It’s better to go out and get feedback from your clients rather than wait for their complaints.
  • Feedback is pointless if nothing is done with it. To guarantee that all consumer concerns are addressed, evaluate all feedback data. Tell your consumers when you’ve made changes to your product due to their input. Increased consumer involvement and satisfaction will result from this.

3. Promote the Product’s New Features

Businesses that provide software as a service (SaaS) vary from others that do not because they must continually demonstrate to their customers the importance of their goods. If you don’t, you might see a rise in client attrition. To counter this and raise customer interest in the product, new features should be released.

Your new product features should be announced and marketed both in-app and inside the product itself. Your users will be uninterested if you don’t reveal new features promptly.

Make a list of your objectives and a timetable for achieving them. Who are you trying to reach, and what are your goals? Once you’ve figured it out, you’ll know exactly where you’re going.

  • To improve user engagement, customize feature release updates.
  • You must communicate the new feature’s advantages to your customers. When writing a piece of content, try to make it more intriguing and appealing.
  • Make your new feature release stand out with eye-catching graphics and imagery.

Customers’ happiness will skyrocket if these new product features are made available. Your customers will no doubt that you are providing them with value regularly. And this will increase your customer’s interest in your brand by a factor of ten.

4. Put the customer’s needs first.

As the last point, customer success is critical in determining the success of your SaaS users. You should go above and above to assist your clients in achieving their objectives. Additionally, this will improve client interactions and help keep them engaged in the usage of your product.

As a result, you should view the success of your clients as your own from the beginning of the relationship through to the finish. Your consumers will appreciate the added value, and as a result, they will become more involved with your offering.

5. Use Push Notifications to Keep Users Engaged

Another way to enhance user involvement is to provide personalized messages through push notifications. In comparison to other types of communications, push notifications significantly boost the odds of interaction since they are given in real-time. Sending the correct messages at the right time is the key to enhancing SaaS product engagement. Your user engagement will rise if your communications are valuable and address your customers’ concerns.

Remember that your push notification’s text, title, and pictures are all important considerations. Engaging your audience with the proper message may make all the difference. Using strategies like user segmentation and A/B testing, you can increase the impact of push notifications even further.


To conclude, there isn’t a magic bullet for increasing SaaS customer loyalty overnight. As a company, you need efficient customer engagement solution to succeed as a brand. Every day, you must strive to improve your client connections by providing more value. Your product’s value proposition should also be clearly stated. Your site’s user engagement and other advantages will rise if you follow these methods regularly.