Top B2C eCommerce Strategies in 2022

B2B eCommerce will soon surpass the 800 billion dollar mark. Here’s how to survive.

3 min readJun 16, 2022


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B2C — business to consumer eCommerce is one of the fastest growing eCommerce trends in the world. The market is following an upward trend and has reached around the 3.67 trillion dollar mark in 2021 and is expected to grow at a rate of 10% every year. Considering such numbers, one can find an extraordinary potential for a business opportunity in it.

Take an example of Amazon — the biggest B2C player, on Black Friday, recorded a sale of 2 billion dollars, accounting for 20% of the global sales, within three days. To achieve such a significant number, your business should be backed by rigid strategies, responsive staff, and an overall system capable of maintaining a self-check on their working proportions.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the first thing — strategies. How can you build such a strategy that will be useful in the long run and in a testing environment?

Read along to find out.

Tip #1 — Focus on Content Marketing

The first thing you should look into in your new B2C eCommerce store is to improve its content side of marketing. Content is still the king, which matters most in your website ranking. And don’t confuse yourself with the term ‘content’ — no, it’s a written piece of material. Conversely, content is everything that you’re publishing in your store.

Everything should be top-notch and made with fineness, from products to the brand logo, descriptions to slider images, and almost anything on your site. In this way, Google recognizes your eCommerce store sooner than you can imagine and remember that you’re also doing marketing for your content.

Therefore, doing content marketing is the most accessible and most practical approach to inject at the beginning of your business.

Tip #2 — Next Comes Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is still the fastest and low-cost method to reach the masses. According to AdWeek 2021 statistics:

“The majority of TikTokers — almost 50%, buy goods from brands they see on the app.”

The approach you should go towards is targeting the local demographics. When you attract local people to what you’re selling, they guide you sincerely about what they think of your product; and what needs to be changed. This way, you can make necessary changes in your inventory and cater to it according to customer needs.

One more thing you should be doing is to create an active presence on your social media handles. If you’re more than active on your social profiles, the algorithm would be happily pushes your content to people’s feeds. And you’ll receive more followers organically than by spending money.

Moreover, when you think of spending money after establishing consistency on your profile, you’ll be receiving more than 10X growth because of well-established content.

Tip #3 — Time to Run PPC Campaigns

In all B2C commerce solutions, the essential part agencies look forward to is running campaigns on search engine queries. Pay-per-click marketing is capable of providing substantial results on your eCommerce site.

Google has a specific portion on their SERPs to show ads about eCommerce products using Google’s PPC campaign. Those products receive massive traffic daily depending on people searching for a product.

Therefore, running a proper PPC campaign can be beneficial not only from a revenue perspective but also can become a source of consistent, long-term traffic.

To Sum Up,

Don’t ever think of making propositions about B2C eCommerce. The market is waiting for you and wants you to start your following product and reach the heights of growth. Someone said:

“After solving the issue, people realize it was the problem.”

People don’t realize there is a problem until it’s solved. So, opportunities are always there; you just have to find them. And once found out, the only remaining step is to launch your product.